Agora, which in Greek means ‘the meeting place'.

It is as much a part of Kolkata's tradition of club culture as it is of your aspiration to live well. The incomparable dream at AGORA, it also offers an exclusive opportunity for the generation-on-the-move to claim their own space. In style and with a sense of private luxury that is bound to leave the senses refreshed and rejuvenated. Non-stop entertainment, world-class sporting activity,

Agora comprises of a Chinese dining restaurant named Yin Yang, a retro theme based restaurant Calcutta Retro , private dining space, lounge bar, banquet hall and health club.

Camellias' Agora situated at New Town, Axis Mall , Rajarhat, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Our Speciality

  • Agora - A class Apart

    • We have just defined an art
    • Entertainment Options by the wire – Time for relaxation
    • Agora : one of graciousness and elegance
    • A touch of exotic and a whiff of glamour.
    • Private Party - Host an Event that is sure to exceed expectation and tantalise the senses.
  • International Clubbing Experience

    • Facilities are what you yearn for
    • A perfect and rare blend of professional services
    • Here, you will cherish every moment and collect experiences
    • A night of luxurious indulgence and exclusive privileges
    • Corporate Party : Spacious & Lavish setting makes Trilogy the ideal venue for an unforgettable corporate celebration